Scientists convert waste plastics into jet fuel in less than an hour 

The future of recycling? Scientists develop a method to convert waste plastics into JET FUEL in less than an hour Washington State University experts are looking to commercialise their method  It converts polyethylene to jet fuel and other valuable hydrocarbon products Polyethylene, used in plastic bottles, is the most widely used plastic in the world … Read more

Set off from San Francisco on a thrilling road trip that will deliver you to the buzz of Seattle 

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at the start of a road trip has to be one of travel’s most inspiring moments. Down below, San Francisco Bay glitters, while ahead the giant suspension towers rise. The sense of escape and adventure is palpable as you cruise along at 45mph (the speed limit) across one of America’s … Read more

Driving: Congestion charges could encourage motorists to opt for smaller, more efficient cars

People buy ‘Chelsea tractors’ because they like to sit comfortably in traffic jams — but congestion charges could encourage motorists to opt for smaller, more efficient cars, study claims Washington State University expert studied nearly 300 Seattle households   They found that drivers with congested commutes prefer to buy larger cars These are perceived by motorists to … Read more

Pets: Stroking a dog on a regular basis can ‘significantly’ reduce anxiety and enhance thinking

Spending time regularly petting a therapy dog can ‘significantly’ reduce anxiety and enhance thinking skills in stressed-out students, an investigation has concluded. Experts from Washington State University found that stress management programs focussed on therapy dogs were more effective for struggling students. After completing a four-week-long program with animal therapy, students were found to have … Read more

Police investigating whether ‘kidnapped’ woman in viral TikTok was abducted aged four

Police in Washington state are investigating whether a 22-year-old in Mexico, claiming she was abducted as a child, could be a girl snatched from her hometown almost 20 years ago.  The disappearance of Sofia Juarez in February 2003, when she was four years old, shocked the community of Kennewick. Home to 81,000 people, 220 miles east … Read more

More than 11.5 MILLION migrating birds will fly over Washington State as they return for the summer

Lights out! Washington State residents urged to turn off artificial illumination as more than 11.5 MILLION migrating birds that use stars to find their way home will fill the night sky this week Millions of birds have left the Gulf of Mexico and are heading to Washington   Tens of thousands of birds are expected on … Read more

Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan is being investigated by Washington Department Of Health

Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan under investigation by health department… after mental health counselor’s racist posts and tweet suggesting ‘suicide’ prompt ‘multiple complaints’ By Kelby Vera For Published: 21:51 GMT, 24 March 2021 | Updated: 21:51 GMT, 24 March 2021 Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan is being investigated by Washington state health officials after fans of … Read more

KISS frontman Gene Simmons drops $5.8M on hilltop Malibu home with stunning ocean and mountain views

KISS frontman Gene Simmons drops $5.8M on hilltop Malibu home with stunning ocean and mountain views The property situated on 2.45 acres boasts three bedrooms and four bathrooms The upscale property has a swimming pool with in-ground spa Walls of glass showcase panoramic vistas  Simmons has listed his longtime Beverly Hills estate for sale for … Read more

Dogs’ relationships with WOMEN had a greater impact on the dog-human bond

Dogs are described as ‘mans best friend’ but that close-relationship is more to do with how women treated them with affection and named them, a study finds.   Washington State University researchers searched extensive collections of writings by anthropologists on traditional, subsistence-level societies around the world. The team discovered a pattern in traditional societies where women … Read more

People rush to Washington State for Covid vaccine as freezer breaks

Hundreds of people raced to clinics in Washington state for their chance to get the coronavirus vaccine after a freezer failure put thousands of doses at risk of spoiling. Around 8.50pm on Thursday, an alarm went off on a freezer unit holding 1,650 doses of the Moderna vaccine at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle, which – … Read more