Photographer Amos Chapple tests the new iPhone 11 Pro’s night mode in Arctic Murmansk during winter

The vaunted iPhone 11 Pro has a ‘night mode’ – and where better to test it than in Arctic Murmansk during December, when the sun never rises? That was the thinking behind Radio Free Europe photographer Amos Chapple’s odyssey to the Russian city. And the results are mesmerising. Radio Free Europe photographer Amos Chapple visited … Read more

Pilot spells out coronavirus crisis social distancing message with his flight path

Creative aircraft pilot spells out social distancing message, with his flight path telling people to ‘stay at home’ Used the flightradar24 graphics system that traces flight paths to write message Unnamed pilot took off from Wiener Neustadt in Austria and flew for an hour Austria currently has over 5,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 28 dead  … Read more

The UK tourist attractions you can visit virtually, from the Lake District to Buckingham Palace

A nationwide lockdown doesn’t have to mean missing out on the UK’s top tourist attractions. That’s because many have incredible webcams and virtual tours on their websites, which means you can explore them from the comfort of your living room. Here MailOnline Travel reveals 22 amazing online tours and webcams for royal residences, museums and … Read more