Dry Ice Crystal Ball! – Steve Spangler Science

Dry ice is great fun all year, of course, but there’s just something about October and Halloween that really brings out the coolest dry ice experiments. One of my favorites is also one of Spangler Science’s simplest experiments. All you have to buy is the dry ice, and dry ice is very inexpensive. (Most grocery … Read more

Science Experiments! – Steve Spangler Science

For some students, the science fair is coming up pretty soon, and it’s high time they started thinking about some cool experiments. For other students, the science fair is a long way off, but even so, it’s never too soon to start thinking about some cool experiments. Whether you need some ideas really soon, or … Read more

Halloween Slime Sweepstakes

Halloween is Steve’s favorite time of year and he believes it’s not the same without a little ooey, gooey, spooky fun! To make your Halloween super slimey, Steve is giving away 20 – 32 oz Slime Kits beginning Oct 1 through Oct 23, 2015. Five winners will be announced each Friday and will receive Steve’s … Read more

Deep Voice Gas Makes Science Fun on the Today Show

It’s WOW Week on the Today Show and it only makes sense to bring in a YouTube science guy to share some internet classics. Decked out in a white lab coat and safety glasses, Nick Uhas started off with a demonstration of heavy gas … the deep voice experiment … anti-helium … or just plain … Read more

The Spangler Science Club – Steve Spangler Science

If your child has expressed an interest in science, or even if he / she hasn’t, a membership in the Spangler Science Club is the perfect gift, for no child can resist a box full of awesome toys and experiments every month in the mail ! Each Spangler Science Club Kit contains tons of wonder! … Read more

Chores for Easter: the Easter Bunny

We suggest you how to make a nice little work to create in the company of the little ones: the Easter bunny! A real symbol of the party! Instructions The week of Easter is approaching and today we suggest you how to make a nice one chore to be created in the company of children: … Read more

Growing Seeds in Water Jelly Marbles

While people are still planting seeds for the summer’s gardens, why not be a little novel about it and use some polymers, specifically Water Jelly Marbles, or Clear Spheres? Spangler Science’s Water Jelly Marbles – Clear Spheres – have so many and varied uses, and gardening is one of those uses. In fact, gardening itself … Read more

Paper flowers | Chores for children

Prepare paper flowers for Mother’s Day. A quick and easy to do job that we are sure your mom will be excited about! Instructions There Mother’s Day approaching! All women like to receive flowers as a gift, so why not make and give the paper flowers to yours mum? How to make paper flowers: Glue … Read more

Non-Newtonian Inexpensive Fun – Steve Spangler Science

Non-Newtonian fluids are an aspect of science that is simple, interesting, and a lot of fun. Non-Newtonian fluid experiments are also inexpensive; there are only two ingredients and both are probably already in your pantry. There are so many cool experiments to keep kids busy and their imaginations soaring, and most of them don’t cost … Read more

Carnival decorations: the festoon of masks

Carnival decorations: the mask festoon, follow our easy instructions to create a colorful decoration together with your children. Instructions Follow ours instructions to make an adorable decoration of carnival, colored is lively doorswill bring even more joy to yours carnival party. Here is a guide to show you step by step how to do it. … Read more